Rialto Pictures’ Bruce Goldstein to present his documentary “Uncovering the Naked City” on February 13th.

Bruce Goldstein, award-winning founder of Rialto Pictures and Repertory Artistic Director of New York’s Film Forum, will present his original short documentary and personal essay made for the Criterion Channel, Uncovering The Naked City on February 13th, from 4-5:30 PM in Rich Memorial Building 108. In the film Goldstein tracks down many of the 100+ New York City locations—from the Bronx to the Lower East Side—used in his friend Jules Dassin’s classic police procedural The Naked City (1948), while also spotlighting the contributions of producer Mark Hellinger and cinematographer William Daniels. Following the short, Mr. Goldstein will present a live supplemental slideshow he calls “Uncovering Uncovering the Naked City,” showing how he did his own detective work during the pandemic lockdown by bicycling around the city and using the few research tools available to him.

Bruce Goldstein

“Uncovering The Naked City

February 13th, 4-5:30 PM

Rich Memorial Building, Room 108

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