What is “Georgia Whole”?

Georgia Whole (GW) is a blog. It is an ongoing work to build more peaceful and holistic life practices.  In the quest for more joy and peace, the goal is to fill my life with more prayers and meditation.  I also want to surround myself with more affirmations of self and a deeper appreciation for those around me.  I believe that God is growing a new thing within me and I want to explore from an expression level involving joy and peace.  I hope that you will visit and comment on things that move you.

I want to expand spirituality through a more holistic lens from the “mustard seed” faith concept.  The society that we have evolved into is one of short attention spans.  I want to develop the small bursts and comments to inspire bits of positivity and joy to all that may come upon this.  GW is her own character evolving.

Spirituality is broad and covers the globe in various forms.  Some of those forms will be developed here in poetry, and meanderings of bible verses and positive and uplifting pieces.

Georgia Whole is the name of this creation. She feels, inhales and exhales because she is a movement. The mustard seed grows under the right conditions. Let’s see what this seed grows into.

This blog is from the state of Georgia. Focusing on things “whole”some and good.