Still Buzzing from the Institute

There was such a wealth of information to learn that I’m still buzzing!

I am working on my WordPress page for my exhibit.  Have requested a meeting with my VP to present to her for go ahead to send to web committee.  Fingers crossed!

Next I hope to put together a campus tour with the tour app.  Just have to get my login and I’m set.

Everyone’s projects were so good!! I’m looking forward to hearing more about all of them.

And Excitement Was Had By All

Oh my, what an exciting time we had at the institute, from the overabundance of food at Sapori di Napoli to the excitement of the Cyclorama event.  I do not know about the rest of you, but I am still living the dream, so don’t kill my buzz just yet. Especially since I am finally able to post… I enjoyed all the presentations and expect to hear great and exciting things about each of our projects soon. I am elated that my project will be vetted to be included in our annual faculty orientation for this August (will not know until later this week if it will be so). I just want to say Librarians ROCK! and thanks ECDS for the knowledge and great memories.

Mobile Tour App

Hello to the Summer Institute Group,

I enjoyed the institute last week and I am working on my mobile tour app this morning looking to see how to enhance it before I send the link to my library dean and colleagues.  I am excited about moving to WordPress and Omeka next.


Resistance is Futile…Philander Smith College

We arrived in mass from the hotel shuttle bus, full of excitement and ready to take over the Robert W. Woodruff Library, much like the Borg Collective (A nasty group of cybernetic beings) in their attempt at intergalactic takeover. Alas, we were foiled by the security guard at the front desk, who firmly told us our invasion would be limited to Room 217. In spite of a reduction in our initial plan for world digital scholarship domination, we marched on to Room 217 and thus began our adventure at the 2014 Emory Center for Digital Scholarship/HBCU Library Alliance Summer Institute.

The ECDS-lings were there when we arrive holding strange instruments-    information packets and flash drives- in their hands. As our guides, the ECDS-lings are a friendly and courteous species. They set out to familiarize us with this creatively unexplored quadrant of the GLAM and Digital Scholarship universe. During our introduction exercise, the three Sharons and the three Jeans were in the back plotting a secret takeover of their own. With a stockpile of digital humanities tools, mobile tour apps, and a digital asset management system, the ECDSlings began training us in the strategies and techniques of digital projects. Our plan is to learn all we can from the ECDslings, take this new information back to our institutional dwellings, and share what we learned with higher command… in addition to sharing with our students, faculty, and colleagues.

The Culmination

We have come to the end of the ECDS/HBCU Library Alliance Institute. It definitely has been a good week. I believe the presentations today were a testament to all we have learned this week and the wonderful insight of the ECDS staff. It was great to see my colleagues’ digital projects and how these projects preserve the rich legacy and history of HBCUs and the community they serve.

When I applied to the ECDS/HBCU Library Alliance Institute, I was hoping to achieve three objectives. Those objectives were to expand my knowledge of web technologies used to support digital scholarship, deepen my general knowledge of metadata, data curation, intellectual property (very informative session on Wednesday), and design (another great session on Wednesday), and leave with a tangible project that will showcase the rich historical research of my institution. At the end of the Institute, I can definitely say my expectations were met. Thank you ECDS staff and HBCU Library Alliance!

Now onward and forward with creating more online exhibits! #teamomeka


Thank you to the HBCU Library Alliance & EMORY Libraries and Information Technology partnership for making this  digital learning initiative possible.  To Team Omeka, I could not have finished  my exhibit without you. Thanks so much.