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Our Mission at Human Rights in Guatemala is to increase public accessibility to quality educational and historical information while providing additional resources concerning past and present human rights issues in Guatemala.

Contextualizing our understanding of the history, culture, and politics in Latin American and Central American countries is crucial to comprehending the current state of human rights and immigration issues in the region. Without this background knowledge, it becomes difficult to understand why certain practices exist and how they impact individuals and communities.

Understanding the legacy of colonialism, imperialism, and neoliberalism in the region, as well as the impact of US foreign policy, is essential in understanding the root causes of human rights abuses and migration. Only by examining the past (and present) in a multifaceted way can we gain a deeper holistic understanding of the present and develop effective solutions to address these complex issues.

A comprehensive understanding of the history and culture of Guatemala also allows us to appreciate and celebrate the richness and diversity of the region, and recognize the resilience and agency of the people who live there.

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