The Psychoanalytic Studies Program, the French Department, the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, the Department of English, the Department of Comparative Literature, the Center for Mind Brain and Culture, the Center for Bioethics, the Center for Human Health, the Emory Alumni Association, the Graduate Student Council, and the Hightower Fund at Emory University present: Body Imaging and the Body Imaginary: An Interdisciplinary Psychoanalytic Conference.

Body Imaging/Body Imaginary is a conference that seeks to explore the  the ways in which perceptions, identities,  knowledges and the process of body imaging broadly conceived influence each other. In what ways is the body being imaged? When can parts of the body come to represent the whole? What does it mean to see or to image pathology (vs the healthy body)? How do we define a healthy body image and an image of a healthy body? How do particular images of the body foster relationships (not always positive) between science and literature, doctor and patient, or art and technology? Specifically, how do these questions arise in psychoanalytic contexts and what can psychoanalysis bring to these conversations? We invite scholars from across the humanities and health sciences to engage in these questions.


Emory University                                                                                                               Friday,  April 3-Saturday, April 4, 2015


imagingthebodyconf [at] gmail [dot] com