Musical Time

In this module, you will learn how to listen to and notate divisions of musical time.

  • Rhythm and Notation: the relative duration of notes and rests, how to write notes, dots and ties, triplets, and “swing”
  • Meter and Notation: simple and compound meters, methods for counting, tempo, syncopation, and rhythmic obstinate

Parts to this Module


Lesson 1: Rhythm and Notation

Chart of Relative Notes and Equivalent Rests; Parts of the Notes; Flags and Beams; Dots and Ties; Triplets; Swing

Lesson 2: Meter and Notation

Concept of duple, triple, and quadruple meter; time signatures; A method for counting the beat and divisions of the beat; Incomplete measures (anacrusis); Simple and Compound Meter; Two methods for counting in compound meter; Tempo; Syncopation; Rhythmic Ostinato

Practical/Analytical Application

(Links from Lesson 1 and Lesson 2)

Creative Application: Performing and Writing a Rhythmic Canon


REVIEW for ASSESSMENT: Terms and Concepts to Know for Quiz 1