(Searcher) Cinematography in Portrait of a Lady on Fire

This video describes how Claire Mathon used cinematography to shoot the Portrait of a Lady on Fire. The video highlights how she used lighting, bold compositions, color, and equipment throughout the film. In this video, Angus Davies emphasizes the framing in the film, specifically focusing on the long takes. Central framing is also featured, as a character being in the center of the screen depicts importance. In order to fully portray the attraction between the two women, it was crucial that their faces were correctly positioned in the frame so that the audience would be able to examine their facial expressions. Additionally, the video describes the cinematic decision to shoot digitally, which produced specific skin tones and coloring, allowing each frame to feel like a painting. The video also discusses the film’s effective use of movement to create realism and intensity, pointing out that the handheld shots enable the audience to feel as if they are physically with the characters.

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