(searcher) The Power of Cinematography: Barbarian

After reading chapter 6 of Film Art: An Introduction, I thought back to all the movies I have watched over the past year and thought about which film had me at the edge of my seat due to the cinematography. My mind immediately went to the movie Barbarian directed by Zach Cregger. This movie creates a riveting experience for the audience through its suspenseful cinematography. The eerie lighting, encapsulating camera movements, and intentional editing techniques makes this movie all the more captivating. 

In this scene from the movie when the main character, Tess, escapes from the cellar, the use of backlighting as she squeezes through the window emphasizes how she is escaping from the darkness and mystery that resides in the house and into the light and protection of the outside world. Furthermore,  the fluctuation between point of view shots and third person high/low angle shots takes the audience on a heart racing experience as they not only feel like they are watching these actions take place, but are also a part of the movie. The audio is also impactful as it gradually crescendos as the scene gets increasingly intense. The overall cinematography of this film is truly encapsulating to the audience and this 18 second scene shows only a fraction of the roller coaster this movie takes you on.

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