Holy Motors (searcher)

I was confused after watching this video for the first time just like how I was confused throughout the entirety of Holy Motors. After beginning the video with a short Introduction about the beginning of the film, Kyle then begins describing the film as a work of art that may result in viewers feeling “confused” and “raptured” while breaking the rules of reality and logic. He says this and then immediately moves on to a different topic. I did not understand why he brought this idea up just to move onto another idea. Thank you Kyle for telling me this movie is confusing and does not seem to make sense. Care to explain why? He eventually does but not before going on a tangent about the lore of the each of the actors in the movie. After doing this he starts to explain again his take on the movie. His opinion is that within the limo we are in the reality of the movie. Being in the limo means that we are watching real life, but once Mr. Oscar steps out of the limo we are transported to the of the film that he is acting in. This idea is solely from the mind of Kyle and I somewhat agree with this take. However this would create a contradiction with the scene in which Mr. Oscar is wearing the tracking markers for later implementation of CGI. Besides that and maybe some other examples I agree with this idea. Using this he then makes a connection between the film and the world around us.

Film of the past in which an actor takes on a role that is to be played for the entirety of two hour film or a season of TV show is being overtaken by an abundance of brief cinema in modern media with more concise roles from actors. Instead of having to watch a one film and only being able to experience the emotions that come from its specific genre, I could instead use modern media and watch a variety of cinema that can provide a number of differing experiences from a number of genres in the same amount of time.

This is what comes up when you google the genre of Holy Motors that I feel strengthens Kyle’s idea.

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