(Extra Credit) Searcher Gravity: Behind the Scenes

In this video, we are taken into the production and choices that were made in the film Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón. The theme is expressed through visual metaphors. We see this when Ryan enters the spacecraft and hangs in suspension rotation slowly in the cabin. This image portrays the idea of rebirth as an outcome of adversity.

Additionally, the cinematography in the film includes the takes of many long shots. This makes the character’s movement look very fluid. They even include the use of various technology formats to achieve the best technique for the film. In a cube of light, the actors are shot with a robot moving camera, moving lights, and a tilt rig that the actor is in.  With these elements in syn, this creates a very believable and realistic relationship of the characters in space. More so, the camera is always moving. Therefore the choice for music and sound effects was made so that it is similar and connects that it’s also moving around. Most importantly the film was developed to be made without using the normal tricks. Touch was also another very important element that they used to tell the story. In the film, we see a lot of hand POV shots which help with this. These shots emphasize the movement of the hand. The motion of the hand further enhances the struggle of Stone in a very dangerous situation. 

Alfonso created a film that was very physically demanding in production in a way that seemed barely visible to the audience. He presented the elements uniformly and that flowed well to convey the story in the film he was trying to tell. 

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