(extra credit) Hidden Meanings in NOPE

This video discusses the film, NOPE by Jordan Peele, which centers around the Haywood siblings trying to prove the existence of an alien spacecraft on their farm. As this is a Jordan Peele movie, a plethora of subliminal messages are incorporated throughout. The plot draws loosely from the legends of Skinwalker Ranch, with a twist making the creature a living UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) that feeds on horses and humans. The breakdown covers various aspects, including symbolism, references to Spielberg movies, connections to Hollywood, and details about characters. The analysis delves into the film’s commentary on Hollywood’s habit of “chewing people up and spitting them out”, their mistreatment of animals, and the impact of seeking fame. The video also explores the characters, their actions, and the symbolism embedded in the movie, providing a clarity for viewers.

Peele, known for embedding hidden imagery in his previous works like Get Out and Us, continues this trend in NOPE. For instance, the film incorporates camera-like elements into Jean Jacket, linking it metaphorically to the history of film devices, with various camera models showcased throughout the film.

The Haywoods’ lineage, descending from a man riding a horse, reflects on Hollywood’s treatment of individuals, subtly addressing the industry’s tendency to overlook certain contributors. Furthermore, the film subtly critiques Hollywood’s tendency to profit from tragedy, as seen in Jupe’s attempt to capitalize on the traumatic events at the ranch.

Peele drew inspiration from iconic films such as Jaws, Close Encounters, and King Kong, where humans attempt to exploit wild animals for profit. Elements, like the live show’s bloodbath, emphasize the theme that wild animals, including humans, cannot be fully tamed.

Peele’s meticulous attention to detail extends to references of The Shining, animal eyes symbolizing predator behavior, and the characters mirroring historical figures such as Muybridge. The breakdown also touches on yet another reference to Peele’s favorite film, Akira, and the scene where Emerald slides on a motorbike during Jean Jacket’s final attack.

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