The Jersey Shore

On the very rare occasion that I am in the right mood, it’s the “Jersey Shore” that simply cannot be beat. The mix of distinct personalities, from the Situation’s whole persona to Snooki’s antics, created an entertaining ensemble that kept me hooked. Whether people want to think the whole thing is scripted, or what we are seeing is not really what their lives are like, it can be refreshing to watch a show that has no direction. Being that it is a reality TV show, it shows us the everyday, random, silly, but also intense conflicts that we go through.

When watching Reality TV, I do what I am sure many other viewers also do, and that is find someone that becomes my favorite character. I usually find myself showing favor towards the people that I think I am most similar to, ofcourse. But sometimes, it can be fun to ride through an entire season with someone that is completely different from you and how you would act in the situations on screen. For most of my binge of the show, Pauly D had been my guy. Think what you want about him, but its hard not to like someone who can have a such a carefree attitude and also be strongly respected by his peers. I gotta go, Cabs ah here

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