The importance of color in Money Heist (Extra credit)

Mis en scene is such a important element in all film work, as it is how many things are displayed and shown to the audience. As part of Mis en scene, props are crucial as well, and the color of the props play an especially important role in the Spanish heist drama.

In the drama, the bank robbers, are supposedly the protagonists. The color of their bank heists clothes actually play an important role in conveying an important theme of the show. First of all, the color red represents passion, excitement, and since all the team members wear the same red jumpsuit, it shows that although they may come from different backgrounds, they share the same purpose with a common goal. Lastly, the color red is also a color of rebellion, as “la revolucion” is such an important theme throughout the show.

In addition to the jumpsuit, the robbers also worn the Salvador Dali mask. Salvador Dalí was a renowned Spanish surrealist artist who was famous for his unconventional art style. By wearing his masks, the characters assume the identity of Dali and seemingly adopts his unconventional, rebellious spirit.

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