(extra credit) Cinematography in Gravity

This video delves into the inventive techniques employed by Emmanuel Lubezki and his team to achieve the film’s impeccably realistic visuals. This video discusses the equipment used, intricate lighting strategies, and the overall cinematic aesthetic.

In terms of equipment, the production employed a range of cameras, including the Arri Alexa M and Alexa, known for their advanced features suited to the film’s requirements, and the Arriflex 765, a 65mm film camera used selectively for its unique visual impact. Lenses like the Zeiss Master Primes and Panavision Primos contributed to the film’s distinct look, showcasing exceptional sharpness and contrast. Moreover, the use of robots was pivotal for achieving weightless camera movements, a necessity given the complexity of capturing the essence of space-themed scenes.

The lighting intricacies played a crucial role in creating a naturalistic atmosphere. A large lightbox with thousands of LED bulbs projected videos of Earth and space, simulating the realistic play of light. Lubezki’s emphasis on the quality of light, its harshness or softness, and color temperature contributed to the film’s authenticity. The ISS scenes demonstrated a shift in lighting expression, with careful consideration given to color temperatures to evoke specific emotions such as relief, security, fear, and isolation.

In creating the zero-gravity atmosphere, a combination of practical and CGI techniques was employed. Actors were suspended on a 12-wire system with CGI enhancing the weightless experience. The meticulous use of the 765 camera with 65mm film for the final scene added to the attention to detail, creating a contrast with the predominantly digital shooting throughout the film.

This video sheds light on the extensive efforts that went into crafting the film’s exemplary visuals, offering viewers a deeper appreciation for the artistry and technical genius behind the scenes.

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