JPN 101/102


1. Students wrote compositions at the beginning of JPN102, which is a second semester Japanese course. They talk about themselves and their families.

Spring 2013: Composition by Christine Yoo

Spring 2013: Composition by Akanksha Samal

2. Students wrote compositions in the middle of JPN102. The topic of this assignment was to introduce Emory to incoming freshmen. They mainly wrote about their college lives.

Spring 2013: Composition by Yuhan Yu

Spring 2013: Composition by Chenyu Liu

3. These “Emory Advertisements” were created as one of Sakubun (composition) assignments. Name recognition of Emory in Japan is not very high in Japan, but Emory is known as a great school which offers excellent education. In Japanese 102, students worked in a group to create their “Emory Advertisement” after they examined various posters by Japanese universities. They chose visual images first to convey their image of Emory and enhanced the image with their own writing.

Spring 2013: Emory poster by Karen Chu and Ryan Malone






Spring 2013: Emory poster by Xin Song and Haja Kwon

4. Do you know “Kami-shibai”? This word literally means “paper-theater/drama”.  It is a traditional style of storytelling in which drawings are shuffled with narration. Some students in JPN102 created a digital version of Kami-shibai. Their story and drawings are original. Enjoy Kami-shibai in this digital era!

Spring 2012: Aiko Hime (Princess Aiko) by M. Kim, J. Hensley, and J. .