Research Teams

Collaborative Research Teams

I am currently working on two multi-university research collaborations.

The Convergent Law Lab

Supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation, I am working on the project with Rachel Cichowski of the University of Washington, Seattle and Daniel Brinks of the University of Texas, Austin. We started the Convergent Law Lab in January 2018. Our goal is to build collaborative, convergent research teams across universities. This is accomplished by identifying teams of scholars with complementary substantive and technical expertise.  This fall we will host our first Idea Lab on the possibility for building robust constitutional orders through “judicial-government” dialogue. For further information on the project please see our Project Description. For further information about the Idea Lab, please see our Idea Lab Summary. In parallel, we are developing a data hub which will link together research projects and teaching innovations in the field of comparative and international law and politics.

Varieties of Democracy (V-Dem)

V-Dem is a collaborative project that brings together a multi-country team of 50 scholars. I manage the Judiciary Project. In addition to the core research team, V-Dem includes 30 regional coordinators, 170 country coordinators and nearly 3,000 country-topic experts.