Assignment 1: “Atlanta Race Riots,” 1906: Atlanta Constitution and New York Times coverage

For the first primary source analysis, look at the two linked articles about the 1906 Atlanta Race Riots from the Atlanta Constitution and the New York Times, and compose a 250-word response comparing what each publication printed about the events. For this assignment, I want you to concentrate on the language of each article. What do the authors say about the riots? What information do they choose to emphasize to readers about what happened? How does each article frame the events and what, if any, difference is there between the Constitution and the Times coverage?

Please post your response to your WordPress blog by the time of class next Monday, Feb. 3. Be sure to send me an email letting me know the address of your site by next Monday. You can find instructions for setting up WordPress by clicking the folder icon at the top of the left-hand menu of our syllabus homepage. If you have any issues setting up WordPress or accessing the articles here, contact me at nblood [at] emory [dot] edu or talk to me in class. Links below:

Pendleton, H. K. (1906, Oct 13). RESTRAIN NEGRO FROM CRIME BY MAKING HIM RESPECT SELF. The Atlanta Constitution (1881-1945)

THE ATLANTA RIOTS. (1906, Sep 25). New York Times (1857-1922)