This is software that we have developed for research and made freely available.  If you find it useful, please cite us.

Kindt group repositories at GitHub:

Bipartite partitions  We needed to generate partitions of bipartite numbers (Auluck, 1953) and were unable to find an algorithm in the literature describing how to do this.  So, we came up with one, and you can use it too.

K-to-clust  This is the first version of a code that takes a set of equilibrium constants for formation of a cluster of particles (  s monomers –> 1 s-mer ) and generates the expected equilibrium distribution of clusters in a system — a simulation box (or possibly a nano reactor?) –  containing a small, fixed number of particles.   It works even when the Law of Mass Action breaks down because there are too few particles.  See here for background on the theory.   This version accommodates up to 170 particles.