Spirituality in the workplace.

Before speaking in class about spirituality in my current workplace, I enjoyed reading the articles about the importance of practicing spirituality in any environment. In business and corporate environments, I have seen many self-help resources on topics like being a good leader, coworker, and teammate. They often contain pithy phrases and relevant buzzwords that convey obvious things like you supportive, respect your superiors and subordinates, and don’t be a narcissist. Essentially, be a good person. However, amidst these resources, I have rarely–if ever–heard about how spirituality can positively impact the workplace. I wonder if I would have considered this topic without being in this program?

I appreciated hearing the various insights taken by each article. They provide both practical means of engaging with spirituality in the workplace, and the potential positive impact on coworkers and the organization overall. I have personally found spirituality to be incredibly impactful in the world of caretaking. Spirituality provides a meaning and purpose behind one’s work, and it can connect individuals to a greater sense of community. I appreciate that spirituality is becoming a generalized understanding outside of (although it can relate to) religion, because many people are becoming less tied to an explicit religion. Also, some, like me, may not work in an environment in which religious conversations are appropriate. However, this does not mean that we should not find ways to engage and support the spirit of those we interact with.

Like I mentioned in my talk, I work in healthcare and believe that spirituality and healthcare intersect regarding the purpose of healing. Spirituality relates to healing within mind and emotions, and even body. It engages people’s understanding of themselves and their place in the world. Spiritual practices act as a valuable form of therapy to promote wellness and wholeness. Healthcare does similar work with healing, seeking to physically make people their most whole and full selves. I believe spirituality and healthcare can inform one another in their practices and support each other in forms of healing. Valuing spirituality in any realm allows the world to become a better and more wholesome place.

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