Hello! My name is Kyle Tanaka (he/him) and I am a philosopher, educator, and researcher. My work focuses on the relationship between how things are classified and how they are learned. A quick example: How does presenting a book as “Philosophy” change who reads it and how?

At present, I work as Mellon Public Humanities Fellow at Emory University. The fellowship speaks to another of my core interests, i.e., how academia and the discipline of philosophy can better connect students with local communities and issues. I am teaching a course as part of the fellowship, “Queer Subjects,” which examines the epistemological, ethical, and social/political issues of classifying library and archival material as of interest to LGBTQ+ topics.

Outside of academia, I have a fondness for puzzles in various forms: crosswords, logic games, jigsaws, strategy games (physical and digital), and riddles. I also like to bake, go for walks, explore local cuisines, and nap.

Last updated February 2023