Latinas, Religion, Nature, Embodiment

Welcome to our Blog for this semester.  In this space we will exchange reflections, thoughts, epiphanies, and frustrations with our readings and discussions about Latinas, religion, nature, and embodiment.

Every week, I am going to post a prompter that summarizes the learning goals we set out to achieve, the readings we brought to discussion in class, and questions for you to ponder and to address (at least one of them) in your reflection.

At the end of the semester, you will collect all your posts and put together a class notebook with a final reflection, which you will share with me.  This will constitute a percentage of your final grade, but more importantly, it will be the room of your very own for this semester, a journal of sorts of your thinking about Latinas, religion, nature, and embodiment.

Please, do NOT post your reflections just anywhere.  Open my prompter, read it, and at the end of that text you’ll find a box named “Comments.”  Type your comment there, and post.  I suggest that you also type your reflection in a separate word document, and copy-and-paste here (or that you type and post here, and copy-and-paste to your computer or other archive), so you already have the string of posts you make every week in one place.

Happy blogging, everyone!

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