Janna L. Hunter-Bowman

Janna L. Hunter-Bowman is Assistant Professor of Peace Studies and Christian Ethics at the Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary. She earned her PhD in Theology and Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame through the Kroc Institute for International Peace. Experience as a peace and justice worker in a variety of settings informs her academic study and teaching roles. She has worked with Witness for Peace in organization and advocacy, and with Justapaz in Colombia in the areas of documentation, education, and advocacy. This blog is drawn from “Constructive Agents under Duress: Alternatives to the Structural, Political, and Agential Inadequacies of Past Theologies of Nonviolent Peacebuilding Efforts” in the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics Vol 38, No 2 (Fall/Winter 2018), 149-169 and her forthcoming book Witnessing Peace: Becoming Agents Under Duress in Colombia.

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