Course Description

Downloadable Fall 2016 Syllabus

Time:                                 Mondays         1:00-2:50 pm

Location:                           Emory SPH Grace Crum Rollins Building, Room 119

Textbook:                          Designing Clinical Research, 4th Ed, Stephen Hulley, et al

Course Director:               Dr. Greg Martin

Office Hours:                    By appointment


The national mandate to enhance the quality and quantity of clinical research inspired the development of the MSCR program to help beginning investigators gain knowledge and facility with appropriate scientific methodology for clinical and translational research. This course is designed as an introduction to the range of skills needed to make the appropriate choices in designing and carrying out clinical studies.


The student will gain experience in order to:

  • ask a research question and form an appropriate hypothesis
  • differentiate forms of clinical and translational research
  • identify resources necessary and available for conducting clinical research
  • choose an appropriate study design
  • select a method for data capture, data management and data analysis
  • understand the need for statistical reasoning and testing
  • understand the purposes and principles for modeling observed data
  • calculate sample size and power
  • navigate human subjects safety, ethics and review board requirements
  • evaluate observational and experimental clinical studies in the literature
  • develop skills for designing and conducting clinical/translational research
  • learn the importance of scientific publications and skills for authorship


The overall class grade for each student is comprised of: class attendance and participation 10%, homework 15%, study presentation 15%, midterm 30%, final 30%.