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Never Absent

  This group features Nir Felder, who is probably one of the best jazz guitarists as of late.  He has a very exciting sound that balances highly linear/chromatic lines with intervallic leaps (ex: 4ths) that is usually not seen in guitar playing. This is very clearly seen in 6:10 where he goes up the chromatic […]

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C Jam Blues

    This is a performance of C Jam Blues by Wycliffe Gordon.  I was completely unfamiliar about soprano trombones until now. Gordon seems to have mastered them. I really like the brassy edge – It’s a very unique sound, especially with the split tones/raspy tonality he plays the instrument with. Tons of energy in his solo. […]

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Bernie’s Tune

Here is a fun version of Bernie’s Tune written by Bernie Miller, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller.

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Cold Duck Time

This is a really good version of Eddie Harris’ Cold Duck Time.  It sounds like it could be in a 60/70’s era Grant Green organ trio album with its strong groove nature.  Theres a lot of wes-montgomery octave style stuff by the guitarist, followed by a lot of bluesy licks.  There’s a strong george benson […]

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This group has some of the most talented musicians I have heard in a while.  The recording is a cover of Mike Stern’s “Chromazone” that transitions into “The Chicken” by Pee Wee Ellis.  Guthrie Govan is definitely the most diverse guitar player alive, able to find his home in a variety of styles, as is […]

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You Look Good To Me

This is You Look Good To Me by the Oscar Peterson Trio in 1977.  I really like the soft sound the group has.  The few times they get louder are really emphasized by the contrast in sound.  Holding back on dynamics emphasizes the prowess these musicians have over their instruments, and makes you tune in more […]

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Oleo – Pat Martino Organ Trio

This is a very sick cover of oleo, and is probably one of my all-time favorite performances of a rhythm changes.  The intro has a really cool guitar motif.  The head has a really cool bass pedal from the organ, not sure what it is or how it functions but it sounds very hip.  There’s […]

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