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Ethiopian Jazz

Has anybody heard of this style of jazz? Ebo Lala Mulatu Astatke — New York – Addis – London – The Story Of Ethio Jazz 1965-1975

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Jazz Influence in Hip-Hop

With Hip-Hop’s sampling tradition, the jazz genre was inevitably going to act as a great resource due to the infinite amount of amazing musical moments that have been recorded. Tracks listed may contain explicit lyrical content. Curren$y – 04 – Hennessy Beach – (Verde Terrace) (Exclusive) Mac Miller – Traffic In The Sky This next […]

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Movie Music turned into Jazz Arrangements

Joe Hisaishi, japanese movie composer for a majority of Miyazaki films, re-arranges his scores into jazz arrangements in the album “All That Jazz”. Check out “A Town With an Ocean View” from Kiki’s Delivery Service! Feel free to compare the rest of the album as well. A Town With An Ocean View (Original) All That […]

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Three Cohens

I’m not sure what concert this video is from, but it has Anat Cohen and her two brothers Avishai and Yuval playing horns.  I liked the organic nature of the piece, how it evolved from a simple piano solo to a small piano, bass, and drums trio, to finally the whole ensemble.  I also noticed, […]

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Cottontail by Two Saxophones

It seemed appropriate to post something about Cottontail… I really like the interaction between Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Allen. Similar to our last class, they really seem to be utilizing call and response. There’s a nice balance between repeating a previous motif and introducing new material. Also, I really like 7:43 where they play the […]

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Ella Fitzgerald: Scat Singing

Considering our recent discussion about jazz syllables and vocalization, I thought it would be appropriate to post an example of scat singing. I posted this particular clip because it is an impressive demonstration of Ella Fitzgerald’s ability to convey a distinct musical idea with her choice of syllables. One example of this is at 3:02 where […]

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This is a video of Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival.  This video was interesting first and foremost because in all of the camera shots, the performers look like they’re having fun.  It’s almost seems like their primary goal is to have fun and the music and entertainment aspect just […]

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Rhythm Changes

It’s Randy!

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Welcome to the new MUS 340 Blog

Welcome to the new blog site for MUS 340 Jazz Improv II. Please post your videos and comments here.

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