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The purpose of NOBCChE (National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers) @ Emory is to build a community among minority students  and assist in realizing their full potential in academic, professional, and entrepreneurial pursuits in chemistry, chemical engineering, and other related disciplines. Our broader mission is to develop a culturally responsible and socially active community of black and other minority scientists at Emory and beyond in partnership with the national organization.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events for Fall 2020

1. General Body Meetings
Although it is sad that we can’t socialize in person with pizza and soda this year, we would love a chance to see familiar faces and introduce ourselves to those that will be joining us for the first time. We have resourceful and exciting events planned and would love to tell you more about them. Please join us! 

When:  September 29, 2020 

Time: 5:00 PM (EST) 

Zoom Link: https://emory.zoom.us/j/96566134492 

Password: 531565 

2. NOBCChE/PACS Perspectives
The “Perspectives” PACS/NOBCChe events are now moved to Fridays at 12:30 PM and will be held once a week to accommodate everyone’s schedules. This week, we will be discussing a paper focusing on the current issues of diversity in academia, and how to better support underrepresented STEM graduate students. Please refer to the previous email regarding the papers we will be discussing, and we look forward to seeing you this Friday, September 11th for our meeting!
RSVP for NOBBChe/PACS “Perspectives” Discussions.
  1. Sept 11 – What Needs to Change in Academia to Increase the Number of Black Scientists and Engineers? https://emory.zoom.us/j/92788847883?pwd=V3gzZkJvcHlhYnZOVHBYNUFyTk5sQT09
  2. Sept 18 – Racial bias in pain assessment and treatment recommendations, and false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites.  https://emory.zoom.us/j/94491281397?pwd=eDhDc1h2elQ1NzFybUlnYWJNQ0VYQT09
  3. Sept 25 – The diversity and inclusion revolution: Eight powerful truths. (Courtesy of Spectrum; subject to change, but we will notify you in plenty of time) https://emory.zoom.us/j/98683303578?pwd=YjZ6dXVzOVBCRlRlZEx2QzBzSGFpUT09
  4. Oct 2 – Recruit and retain a diverse workforce. https://emory.zoom.us/j/94089744686?pwd=aUlZcWFIS2h4NHh4WEJndHRsZ0V6dz09 

For more information: Contact any member of the Executive Board

NOBCChE @ Emory encourages all interested students to attend our virtual general body meetings

Executive Board


Tamra Blue

email: tamra [dot] carlicia [dot] blue [at] emory [dot] edu

Vice President

Brea Manuel

email: brea [dot] arielle [dot] manuel [at] emory [dot] edu


Adrian Demeritte

email: adrian [dot] richard [dot] demeritte [at] emory [dot] edu


David Laws

email: david [dot] laws [at] emory [dot] edu


Diane Karloff

email: diane [dot] karloff [at] emory [dot] edu

Christina Lester

email: christina [dot] mae [dot] lester [at] emory [dot] edu


Zakiria Mays

email: zakiria [dot] brishuna [dot] mays [at] emory [dot] edu

Undergraduate Chair

Stacey Jones

email: stacey [dot] kendall [dot] jones [at] emory [dot] edu


Interested in being a part of NOBCChE @ Emory? Contact any member of our outreach team!