2024 Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship Winner Avery Uffelmann

Please join us in congratulating our 2024 Sara Gregory Scholarship Award winner, Avery Uffelmann! Avery exemplifies the four principles the library looks for in our student employees— approachability, flexibility, investment, and professionalism. Furthermore, her application essay expounded upon how Avery embodies Mrs. Gregory’s characteristics of leadership, integrity, and love of learning. Avery in her application shared how she enjoys learning new research skills and in particular enjoyed learning more about the Dewey Decimal System during her time working at the library.

Ellen Neufeld and Avery Uffelmann

Ellen Neufeld and Avery Uffelmann at Student Awards Ceremony on April 17, 2024. Photo credit to: Chris Torres, Atlanta Event Photography


The Sara Gregory Scholarship Award was established in 2011 by Humanities Professor John W. Gregory, Sr., who retired from Oxford College in 1979. He established the scholarship in memory of his wife, a former chemistry and mathematics professor at Oxford who later became the college’s head librarian. 

The Sara Gregory Memorial Scholarship provides financial support and is granted to an outstanding first-year student employee of the library. This year there were many commendable candidates! Avery is this year’s recipient for best reflecting the four principles we expect of our student employees: 

  • A professional attitude in working with the staff and their peers 
  • Flexibility in taking on any task assigned to them or any problem that may arise 
  • Invested in the success of library programs and the endeavor to improve upon them 
  • An approachable disposition that makes the library a safe and welcoming space to all 

Avery will be continuing to work at the library next year as one of our Library Leaders.

Congratulations, Avery! We are so proud to work with you!

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