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The goal of our research is to design, evaluate, and disseminate rehabilitation research to improve shared decision-making. Our aim is to evaluate health care delivery systems to implement value-based care. Our projects focus on neurological conditions, aging, and chronic conditions.Value-based care may be defined differently by varying stakeholders involved in the health system. We incorporate perspectives of all stakeholders. In addition, our projects will generate and synthesize evidence that compare the benefits and harms to prevent, diagnose, treat outcomes and improve health care delivery.


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10.20.2021 Shilpa Krishnan recognized at the 8th Annual Celebration of Faculty Excellence Ceremony, Emory University School of Medicine

10.12.2021 Shilpa Krishnan participated in the grant review panel for the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs, Department Of Defense 

9.10. 2021 Shilpa Krishnan elected as a core faculty at the Injury Prevention Research Center at Emory (IPRCE), Emory University

08.13.2021 Shilpa Krishnan serves as a Co-I on a STTR grant awarded by the NIH and collaborate with Phrase Health, INC. Krishnan will be evaluating the implementation of the clinical decision tool across 3 hospitals in the United States

08.10.2021 Shilpa Krishnan received the Learning Health System Scholar Award from LeaRRn

7.08.2021 – 07.09.2021 Shilpa Krishnan served as a grant reviewer for SBIR/STTR applications for the Center For Scientific Review Special Emphasis Panel, ZRG1, National Institutes of Health

Fall 2021 Tony Chen, an undergraduate research student at Krishnan’s lab started his PhD studies at Dartmouth College, School of Medicine in Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

Spring 2021 Tony Chen, an undergraduate research student at Krishnan’s lab received highest honors for his undergraduate thesis titled “Caregiver Stress and Burden among Hispanic Elderly with Stroke and Multicomorbidity”

4.1.2021 Shilpa Krishnan received the poster award titled Identifying Needs and Barriers to Stroke Rehabilitation for Minorities in Metro Atlanta: A Qualitative Analysis, Georgia CTSA, 5th BIENNIAL COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT RESEARCH PROGRAM FORUM

3.11.2021 Shilpa Krishnan received the Young Investigator Award for the poster presented at the NPIAP 2021 conference

3.05.2021 Variations in clinician’s perspectives on impairments, needs, and goals following mild stroke, Georgia CTSA Symposium

2.2021: Stroke Survivors’ Perspectives Regarding Games for Rehabilitation. American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting, Feb 2021

10.22.2020 Clinician Perspectives on Preventing and Managing Pressure Injuries in Skilled Nursing Facilities. American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine

8.18.2020: Tony Chen was admitted into the Biology Honors Program and will start working on honors thesis from Fall 2020.

8.10.2020: Shilpa Krishnan’s research proposal titled “Rehabilitation Service Use and Impact on Health Outcomes among Individuals Diagnosed with COVID-19.” was funded by the American Physical Therapy Association Acute Care Research Seed Grant

7.28.2020: Chris Kopreski presented at the 2020 SURE Summer Virtual Symposium on his research project titled “Variations in Clinicians Perspectives on impairments, needs, and goals of mild stroke survivors”

6.18.2020: Grace Couture presented at the Young and Restless Peer Engagement group, title “Recovery Doesn’t End When You Leave Rehabilitation”

3.4.2020: Chris Kopreski’s application titled “Health care providers perspectives on mild stroke” received an award from the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program at Emory University. Chris will receive a $3000 stipend and housing for 10 weeks from the SURE program.

Feb 27-28th: Findings from the NIDILRR Switzer award were presented at the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel, Houston.




2.28.2020: Tony Chen presenting his poster at the Georgia CTSA Conference






2.27.2020 Megna Rao presenting our research findings at the Georgia CTSA conference




8.1.2019: Tony Chen presented at the SURE symposium on his research project titled “Caregiver stress and burden among Hispanic elderly with Stroke”



2.14.2020: Tony Chen secured the Jefferson Biostatistics Summer Internship

7.30.2019: Katelyn Corridon presented at the Rehabilitation Research Seminar on her project titled: AM-PAC TM“6-Clicks” Basic Mobility Score Predicts Discharge Destination in a Cardiothoracic Intensive Care Unit

New Publication: Stroke Survivors’ Perspectives on Post-Acute Rehabilitation Options, Goals, Satisfaction, and Transition to Home

5.9.2019: DPT III students Sarah Stanley, Naomi Kotai, Mary Nguyen, and Raques McGill present their poster at the Emory DPT poster day




5.9.2019: DPT III students Emily B and Heather B present their poster at the Emory DPT poster day





Tony Chen presenting at the Undergraduate Research Poster Day





3.6.2019: Haobin (Tony) Chen’s application titled “Stress and Burden among Hispanic Elderly with Stroke: An Investigation of HEPESE Dataset” recieved an award from the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program at Emory University. ony will receive a $3000 stipend and housing for 10 weeks from the SURE program.

1.17.2019: Media Highlight: How to care for yourself when you’re caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease