Re-Launching the Emory Journal of Society, Politics & Ethics


Invitation to Faculty Members: Propose a curated special issue, bringing together creative interdisciplinary academic work that your students did for your class on a theme, question, issue, event.

Invitation to Students: Send your work, ideas, or suggestions for a theme, or propose to work on an issue with the Editorial Team. You can submit individual works and/or propose a Special Issue or a Theme.

Works can be in any format, including but not limited to:

  • Critical Essays, Photo-Essays, or Letters (up to 1000-words);
  • Fiction (Poetry, Creative Prose, and Short stories);
  • Educational Materials (such as Zines, Pamphlet, Lesson Plans/Curriculum);
  • Multimedia and Text: Any multi-media or mixed media projects including videos, images, collages, drawings, paintings and/or photography, sculpture, podcasts, playlists; must be accompanied by a short expository text (500-750 words).

Please also submit a brief Author Biography (150-200 words) along with your submission. 

Send your submission(s) to jspe [dot] emory [at] gmail [dot] com.  They will be accepted on a rolling basis for the 2023-24 academic year.

The Emory Journal of Society, Politics, & Ethics is a peer-edited and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary undergraduate journal made by and for Emory College of Liberal Arts and Sciences students. The journal’s mission is to unlock the superpower of interdisciplinary humanities via public-facing projects at the intersections of society, politics, and ethics.

Housed in and funded by Emory’s Department of Philosophy, JSPE was first envisioned by one of our distinguished alum, Sarah Lee (Philosophy ‘20). Sarah Lee and the editorial team published their first issue in 2019-20, which included peer-reviewed interdisciplinary essays on society, politics, and ethics. After a brief hiatus between 2020-22, JSPE has re-launched as an Interdisciplinary Public Humanities Project.

For more information, check out JSPE’s Special Issue on Justice, Freedom, and Revolution.

JSPE aims to publish two (2) issues a year, one in Fall and one in Spring. They are especially interested in creative or academic work that is relevant to current sociopolitical concerns and pushes the boundaries of the humanitarian disciplines.

Questions about the journal? Contact JSPE at jspe [dot] emory [at] gmail [dot] com. Dilek Huseyinzadegan, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Emory University, serves as the journal’s advisor.

How to Get Involved with JSPE:

Due to our interdisciplinary approach toward scholarship, we welcome work from majors across the humanities, social sciences, and the liberal arts, including but not limited to Philosophy and Philosophy, Politics, and Law, Comparative Literature, Art History, Film and Media Studies, African American Studies, French, German, English, Classics, Creative Writing, Interdisciplinary Studies, Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, History, Sociology, Political Theory, Anthropology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Dance and Movement Studies, Music and Spanish and Portuguese.

For consideration for publication in JSPE, work must be composed in a clear, concise, accessible, jargon-free way.

Author: Sara Howard
Sara Howard is the program coordinator for Emory University's Department of Philosophy.