How to Cite Our Pages

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Elements to include (if given)

  1. Name of author(s)
  2. Title of text
  3. Date of publication
  4. Statement of length
  5. Publication medium (Online)
  6. Name of publication site
  7. Name of the computer network
  8. Date of access


NOTE: Many documents will not have all of the citation elements. Only the first two examples have all data elements. NOTE: The second example is a good site for detailed information on web citation procedures.

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“Investigating the Mystery Genre.” 13 par. Online. Internet. 25 Dec. 1996. Available: gopher://

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Bahri, Deepika. “How to Cite Our Webpages.” (Apr. 1998): n. pag. Online. Postcolonial Studies at Emory Pages. Internet. 17 Apr. 1998. Available: