LeWitt, Sol. 2002. Tower with Vertical Blocks 1. sculpture. Place: Atlanta, Emory University.
Trakas, George 1979. Source Route
De Rivera, José 1980. Construction #200
Abstract resting figure

Emory Campus Public Art
Sculptures by nationally recognized artists in a variety of styles and media are situated throughout Emory University’s campus. Take the Campus Art tour virtually or in-person.

Public Art Committee
Campus public art is overseen by the Public Art Committee, a volunteer group of faculty and staff. The Committee’s mission is to advocate for Emory’s commitment to public art as well as consider all proposed acquisitions, evaluate sculpture placement, and facilitate maintenance.

Maintenance Program
Public art on Emory’s campus is maintained through an active program to evaluate, clean and protect the sculptures, as presented in this student-produced podcast. A 2008 survey by a professional art conservator serves as the baseline for monitoring changes in the sculptures’ conditions. Each work of art is examined and photographed annually by student interns, who collaborate with conservators to prioritize needs and make recommendations for treatment. Conservators work with student and staff volunteers to clean and coat the sculptures.

Get Involved
Students who would like to participate in sculpture cleaning days or the internship should contact Renée Stein, Conservator (rastein [at] emory [dot] edu).
Faculty and Staff who are interested in the Public Art Committee should contact Dr. David Schuster, PAC Chair (dschust [at] emory [dot] edu).
Individuals who would like to support the acquisition, installation and maintenance of Emory’s public art can give online.