New Book by Professor Dianne M. Stewart

November 2022-

Congratulations to our very own professor Dianne M. Stewart on this great achievement!

“Obeah, Orisa, and Religious Identity in Trinidad offers a phenomenal standard for a fresh new roadmap in the study of African religions in the Black Atlantic world. This second of a two-volume series on the consciousness and lifeways of the Yoruba-Orisa community in Trinidad and beyond has established itself as an instant classic and has done so with a vengeance.” — Kamari Maxine Clarke author of Mapping Yorùbá Networks: Power and Agency in the Making of Transnational Communities

“This magisterial volume demonstrates the imperative role religion played in the establishment of political autonomy for Black people. With uncompromising compassion, creativity, and precision, Dianne M. Stewart demonstrates how ‘commodification becomes creation.’ This two-volume foundational work ought to be required reading not only for every student in Africana religions, but also for every scholar in religious studies and Black diaspora studies. A pivotal intellectual expression by an inspiring interdisciplinary mind.” — Kathryn Lofton, Yale University