Religion Department’s Fall Social 2023: Fortune Telling & Astrology with Sushi and Ice Cream

October 2023-

A fun night filled with Fortune Telling & Astrology served with sushi and ice cream!

The Religion Department’s Annual Fortune Telling & Astrology with sushi and ice cream event was a blast. Students and Religion faculty came and found out what the cards had in store while everyone enjoyed some nice sushi—and delicious ice cream!

Thank you again to our Tarot reader, Amie Ravenson, and Astrology reader,Bonnie Brannon.

Amie Ravenson is a professional Tarot reader, fiction writer, and creator of the Bewitching Your Day podcast, along with many YouTube videos on Tarot, magick, and spiritual well-being. She is a regular visitor to REL 190: Fortune-telling and Fate and also offers short Tarot readings at DragonCon.

Bonnie Brannon has studied astrology for 30 years, focusing on natal astrology and personality archetypes.

We hope to see you next year! 😁