GAMMA CHAPTER of GEORGIA-Fall Initiation 2023-The PHI BETA KAPP Society-Congrats Religion Majors

November 2023-

Three Religion majors were inducted into Phi Beta Kappa on Monday, November 6, 2023: Matthew Chupack, Hunter Collins, and Shreyas Rajagopal. The PHI BETA KAPPA Society (PBK) is the most prestigious Honor Society in higher education in the United States, and inductees were asked to name the faculty member who for them represents the highest standards of teaching and scholarship. The three inductees named Professors Kate Rosenblatt, Ellen Gough, and Michael Berger, who were present at the ceremony.

Congratulations to our majors and minors who have just been accepted into Phi Beta Kappa! “Love of learning is the guide to life” indeed!