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Online Course Segment: McCauley on the Cognitive Science of Religion and the Problem of Reductionism

Online Course Segment: Ritual Forms and Ritual Modes

Online Course Segment: McCauley on the Forms vs. Modes Theories

Lecture: “A General Assertion is Worth Innumerable Pictures”

Keynote Lecture: “The Evolution Revolution in the Study of the Prehistory and the Histories of Religions”

Lecture: “Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not” 

Lecture: “Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not” (22 minutes)

Lecture: “Is Christianity Natural?” 

Book Trailer: “Why Religion Is Natural and Science Is Not”

Robert McCauley on Cognitive Science and Reductionism

Psychology Today Blog

Why Religion is Natural and Science is Not: A Naturalist Examines the Cognitive and Cultural Foundations of Religion, Science, and More.

Newspaper Article

article by Megan Blume, “Technology’s Link to Societal Change Will be Discussed,” Williamsport Sun-Gazette, 1-26-17  http://www.sungazette.com/page/content.detail/id/688670/

article by Charlotte Blease in “Philosophy Can Teach Children What Google Can’t,” Manchester Guardian 1-8-17

interviewed by Balz Spörri in “dann wird Gott zu Superman,” Zurich Sontaggs Zeitung, “Wissen and Multimedia,” 61-62, 4-8-12

article by Alan Boyle, NBC News, Cosmic Log 4-6-12

interviewed by Michael Fitzgerald in “Why Science is More Fragile than Faith,The Boston Globe, “Ideas” Section, 1-8-12.

Web and Radio Interviews, Podcasts, and CDs

April Hunt, “Emory Philosopher Named Gifford Lecturer in Scotland for 2020-2021,” Emory Report 11-15-18 http://news.emory.edu/stories/2018/11/er_gifford_lecture/campus.html

panel participant on “Roundtable” with David Wallace, TRTWORLD (television) (London) 4-10-18 “Does Christianity Still Have a Place in Modern Europe?”

CMBC podcast of lecture: “Gods in Disorder:  Schizophrenia, Religious Experience, and Hearing Voices,” Neurophilosophy Forum, Department of Philosophy, Georgia State University 3-3-17

report on lecture at PCToday, 2-8-17

interviewed by Thomas Coleman, Religious Studies Project, “Method and Theory in the Cognitive Sciences of Religion” 11-20-15

McCauley, R. N. (2015). “Philosophical Naturalism and the Cognitive Science of Religion,” Religion Bulletin (portal of the Bulletin for the Study of Religion), July 13, 2015.

interviewed by Colin McEnroe “The Colin McEnroe Show,” WNPR (Hartford, Connecticut) 4-29-15

interviewed by Rachel Nuwer, BBC, “Will Religion Ever Disappear?” 12-19-14

interviewed by Ancient Religions and Cognition Conference, London, 1-14-14

article by Chris Mooney from interview, Mother Jones, 7 Reasons Why it’s Easier for Humans to Believe in God than Evolution,” 11-27-13

interviewed by Hal Jacobs, Emory University, 11-15-13

interviewed by Dimitris Xygalatas, LEVYNA (Masaryk University, Czech Republic), 11-2-13

interviewed by Tom Coleman for The Religious Studies Project, 10-15-13

talk to the Atlanta Freethought Society on the Laura Ross Flyswatter Site, 11-12-12.

interviewed by David Sloan Wilson, “Science as a (Fragile) Cultural Adaptation,” Evolution: This View of Life, 5-31-12

interviewed by Becky Perlow, CNN, “Study: Analytic Thinking Can Decrease Religious Belief,” 4-27-12

interviewed by Philip Mereton, “Conversations Beyond Science and Religion” (podcast), 4-15-12

article by Alan Boyle, NBC News, Cosmic Log, “Science and Religion Readings for the Godly and the Godless,” 4-6-12

interviewed by Milton Rosenberg, “720 Extension” (WGN, Chicago), 1-9-12

interviewed by Barry Lynn, “Culture Shocks” (syndicated on eleven radio stations nationwide), 1-4-12

interviewed by Dennis Prager, “The Dennis Prager Show” (Salem Radio Network—over 100 radio stations nationwide), 12-13-11

interviewed by Greg Dawes, “Think Atheist Radio,” 12-6-11

interviewed by Chris Mooney, “Point of Inquiry,” Center of Inquiry (podcast) 12-2-11

interviewed by Jeff Schechtman, “Late Mornings with Jeff Schechtman” (WVON, Napa, California) 12-2-11