Our project

We are conducting a clinic randomized trial to explore whether postpartum family planning services are adaptable to large-scale implementation, cost-effective, and sustainable in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

Our previous pilot work found that postpartum family planning services were highly feasible and acceptable among providers and clients. Importantly, the use of highly effective long-acting reversible contraceptives in the early postpartum period increased significantly.

However, much remains unknown:

  • Is this intervention scalable to a large number of facilities without sacrificing quality?
  • Is this intervention cost-effective?
  • What demand creation strategies are most effective and cost-effective?
  • Is this intervention sustainable?


  • This is the first study to rigorously evaluate PPFP demand creation strategies, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability of services delivered at-scale in Kigali.
  • This intervention could dramatically reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion and improve birth spacing and maternal and newborn health in Kigali.
  • Our service delivery model is a potentially replicable and sustainable framework that could be expanded to rural areas and countries across the region.