4 thoughts on “Before Ebola exhibit/paragraphs”

  1. Evan:

    The Ebola virus scare was not all that long ago, and the Anti-Vaccine debate drones on. It seems obvious and normal to us then, that the government would be heavily involved in such debates and preventative measures. This was not always the case however, and as such, Emory University takes a look into our nations first endeavors, into the infamous world of the Vaccine.

  2. Xiaoyi:

    Contagious disease has always been the leading cause of human death. From the earliest smallpox and Spanish influenza to today’s Ebola, millions of people died by infectious disease. The feature of contagious disease is quick spread and low rate cure, and the best thing the government could do to prevent the disease is to pay for the research that can help people to understand the disease.

  3. Kiana:

    Emory’s public health display dives into the history of public health by exposing past successes and failures of America’s health system. The vivid displays featuring past epidemics and issues grabs the viewer’s attention. These displays invite the viewers to journey through time and experience the climaxes of public health, from the immense Spanish flu to the unethical Tuskegee experiments.

  4. Jin:

    Emory’s “Before Ebola” exhibit demonstrates the importance of the government’s involvement in public health. The federal government utilizes a wide range of organizations and techniques to both monitor and control outbreaks. From smallpox to HIV, the exhibits reveals that the U.S government’s involvement during epidemics helped to greatly impact and pioneer the field of epidemiology today.

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