Social stress, epigenetics and cardiometabolic health among Latino Youth

We are excited to announce we have received a new R01 award (R01MD015204) from NIMHD to examine the association between social stressors, in relation to DNA methylation, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) damage and cardiometabolic health, among children participating in the Hispanic Community Health Study /Study of Latinos (HCHS/SOL) Youth Study. The HCHS/SOL Youth study is a study of US Latinos, representing varied countries of origin, conducted in the US. Existing blood samples will be assayed for DNA methylation age, genome-wide methylation and a mtDNA damage marker.  Cardiometabolic health markers (obesity, diabetes, hypertension, inflammation and lipids) have also been assessed. Existing data also includes assessments of current family environment as well as socio-cultural factors among children. Specifically, we will examine 1) whethersocial and economic stressors are associated with DNA methylation age, mtDNA damage and genome-wide methylation; 2) whether DNA methylation age, genome-wide methylation and mtDNA damage is associated with cardiometabolic health among children and 3) whether socio-cultural factors (i.e, ethnic identity, parental closeness, place of birth) modify the association between social and economic stress and DNA methylation and mtDNA damage association. This project is in collaboration with Dr. Carmen Isasi at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and compliments our ongoing Social stress and epigenetics study among HCHS/SOL adult participants (R01MD013320).