Weekly Archival reports (10 points: one for each report)
Once a week from Week 3 (week of September 11) until Week 14 (week of November 27) you are expected to upload your archival findings to your Dropbox account (which you will have already shared with me). This is your record of what you have found in MARBL.  You must take a clear picture of each article/image you find and denote in a caption what publication it is from and the date it was published (with 12 pt. Calibri font).

 Blog Entries (50 points; 10 blogs @ 4 points each + 10 comments @ 1 point each)
Ten times during the semester you are expected to write a blog entry in response to the connections between the assigned readings and your findings in the archives. When the readings do not connect to what you are researching in the archives, make connections between the readings and current events.  You are also expected to post a comment in response to one of your classmate’s blog posts. You must post your blog entry and comment by 9pm Sunday night so that everyone in the class has time to read it before our class on Tuesday morning. You can blog more than ten times (I love a robust virtual discussion!) but you will only receive credit for ten posts. (
A word on blog comments:
These comments don’t have to be long, but they should be substantive (i.e avoid simply saying, “I totally agree” and instead tells us WHY you agree). Please also keep comments respectful and professional. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with people, it just means you have to make an argument for why you disagree with them rather than simply calling them a knucklehead.

Timeline Entries (10 points; 5 entries @ 2 points each)
Five times during the semester you will be asked to submit entries to our course interactive timeline on Sexuality at Emory ( The topics for these entries are of your choosing, but try to be creative (i.e. if you are on Team Sexual Health, don’t make all five of your entries be about HIV/AIDS). They can include text, images, and/or video. Please make sure you “sign” your entry on Dipity with your name so you can receive credit for it. You must create a dipity profile before you can post. We will go over how to do this in class.

Final video project and presentation (20 points)
At the end of the semester you will be asked to present a video project you have created with your group. This video will showcase the narrative you have crafted that explains and connects the “artifacts” you uncovered during your semester long research.