Registration and Abstract Submission



Registration for the SMI 2021 Conference has been extended to Noon (12:00pm EST) on 05/07/2021.

Poster Submission

We are soliciting posters for the SMI 2021 Conference poster session. The poster session will be held on May 17th via the online platform that will be designed to simulate an in person experience. The Poster Session is open to students, postdocs and Faculty members.


To be eligible, participants for the Poster session must have registered for the SMI conference and be able to present the poster at the virtual 2021 SMI Conference. 


If you wish to participate in the poster session, please send an email with the necessary materials to Dr. Suprateek Kundu (suprateek [dot] kundu [at] emory [dot] edu) with the following attachments in PDF format (preferably in a Zipped folder) & fill out the short form below: 

    • The Title & Abstract for the poster in PDF format; 
    • The poster for presentation in JPG or PNG format (Maximum size: 3MB; Landscape format is the most suitable to fit a screen of 16:9);
    • A copy of the SMI conference registration confirmation for the applicant (pdf or word format)
    • Please fill out this short form here:

The deadline for filling out the short form and submitting the title and abstract (pdf) is April 30th, 2021. The presenters can then send the final version of the posters (JPG/PNG) by May 9th, 2021. Please send questions regarding the Poster session to Dr. Suprateek Kundu (suprateek [dot] kundu [at] emory [dot] edu).

Student Paper Competition

The SMI Student Paper Competition was held in May, 2020. The winners were

  • Andrew Dilernia, University of Minnesota, Penalized model-based clustering of fMRI
  • Bingkai Wang, Johns Hopkins, Semiparametric partial common principal component analysis for covariance matrices
  • Qiong Wu, University of Maryland, Predicting Latent Links from Incomplete Network Data Using Exponential Random Graph Model with Outcome Misclassification
Thank you to all the students that submitted papers to the SMI student paper competition. There were many great papers, and we hope you will submit your papers in future competitions. Many thanks to the organizers:  Ben Risk (Emory University) and Linglong Kong (University of Alberta) and judges: Shuo Chen (University of Maryland), Chao Huang (Florida State University), Michelle Miranda (University of Victoria), Haochang Shou (University of Pennsylvania), Zhengwu Zhang (University of Rochester), and Yi Zhao (Indiana University).

There is no additional SMI student paper competition in 2021.