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About Us

What is the ADEPT Study?

During one of your recent prenatal visits, your healthcare provider may have talked with you about vaccines during pregnancy and for your baby. The goal of the ADEPT study is to provide first-time pregnant individuals with information about vaccinations recommended in pregnancy and for children. To answer any questions that new parents like you may have about the recommended vaccines, you may be eligible to receive an educational website on vaccines that was developed for parents by parents. You may also be eligible to talk with a vaccine navigator to discuss any vaccine-related questions. In our study, we want to understand how the information you may receive from your healthcare provider, the website, and the vaccine navigator can help you with vaccine decision making.

Who We Are 

We are part of the Duke University School of Medicine and Emory University Rollins School of Public Health. Our long-term goal is to support vaccination decision-making and equity for pregnant individuals and parents of young children. 

Our Team

Principal Investigator: Lavanya Vasudevan, PhD, MPH, CPH

This study is led by Dr. Lavanya Vasudevan, PhD, MPH. Dr. Vasudevan is an Associate Professor of Global Health at Emory and the principal investigator for the ADEPT study. Dr. Vasudevan’s research portfolio includes collaborative efforts to examine vaccination disparities and decision-making, studies to evaluate vaccination promotion interventions in routine community settings in the US and in Tanzania, and a multidisciplinary effort to develop natural language processing resources and tools for addressing information deficits related to vaccines. Dr. Vasudevan is trained in mixed methods and is a scholar in the HIV, Infectious Disease and Global Health Implementation Research Institute (HIGH IRI). 

Co-Principal Investigator: Beverly Gray, MD

This study is co-led by Dr. Gray, MD. Dr. Gray is a prenatal clinician and an Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University. She is also the Chief of the Women’s Community and Population Health Division at Duke and the Co-medical Director of the Women’s Health Clinics for the Durham County Health Department in North Carolina. Dr. Grays research includes studying pregnant women’s willingness to participate in clinical trials, and their interests in vaccine research. 


Creation of this website was supported by funding from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through a supplement to a co-operative agreement (award# U01IP001200). We are responsible for the content on this website, which may not necessarily represent the official views of the CDC. We have not received any funding from vaccine manufacturers for this website. 

Study Status

We are currently enrolling clinics in Durham, North Carolina to participate in ADEPT. If you are currently pregnant, receiving prenatal care at a health facility in this area, and are interested in participating, please contact our team. 

Questions for this study?

Have questions or are interested in participating in this study, please contact our team via email or via phone number at (919) 613-9630.