Emory Campaign to Connect your ORCID iD

As shared in the Emory Report (Oct. 31), Emory University has launched an ORCID sign-up and linking campaign across all levels of the university. This is a permanent, unique identifier that will accurately connect you to your scholarly work, even beyond your career at Emory. This free identifier eliminates problems with name similarities, name changes, and variant spellings of names in non-Roman alphabets. By linking your body of work such as publications, grants (applications and reporting), peer review, and affiliations, your ORCID iD serves as an easily shareable record of your professional career.

For those that already have and use their ORCID iD, the Emory Campaign request is only to connect it to your Emory data at https://orcid.emory.edu, and it takes less than a minute. Once linked, you’ll save time during federal funding submissions, completing NIH/NSF Biosketches and other RAS documents, and annual reporting efforts.

For those that have not yet signed up for or populated their ORCID profiles, the Library can help! As a partner in this outreach campaign, Emory Libraries are here to support students, post-docs, fellows, staff, and faculty with any questions you may have around creating, populating, or managing your ORCID iD. Use the same link at https://orcid.emory.edu and follow prompts to create an account.

The Libraries have created an ORCID guide with basic steps and commonly asked questions. At the guide, you can also find a variety of short (less than 1 minute each) faculty testimonial videos on the value of creating and using ORCID profiles.  For any additional support please reach out to the WHSC Library Informationists at Ask-A-Librarian.