Oct 5th @ 2pm Webinar: Harnessing AI’s ability for population health from medical images

WHSC Library Seminar Series on Rigor and Reproducibility presents Hidden in plain sight: Harnessing AI’s ability for population health from medical images.

Date/Time: Thursday, October 5th, 2023 at 2 pm

Register: https://emorylibraries.libcal.com/event/11342541

Speakers: Judy Gichoya, MD, MS

Dr. Judy Gichoya will present a talk titled “Hidden in Plain Sight: Harnessing AI’s Ability for Population Health from Medical Images,” where she will explore the revolutionary potential of using artificial intelligence to derive and analyze population health data from medical images, highlighting the boundless possibilities of image-based prediction. She will emphasize the crucial need to confront and correct biases within AI systems, ensuring that they offer accurate and equitable insights and evaluations of diverse populations. Concluding her discussion, Dr. Gichoya will outline the anticipated advancements and necessary future work in this field, focusing on enhancing AI methodologies and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations to advance population health management.

Session will be recorded. Previous seminars and recordings can be found at https://guides.libraries.emory.edu/rigor-rep.