Highlighting Emory’s Breast-Cancer Related Publications for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The WHSC Library is recognizing October as Breast Cancer Awareness month by highlighting the research being done by Emory University faculty, staff, and students. The following link in PubMed highlights the over 1700k peer-reviewed publications from Emory authors, including 80 clinical trials in novel treatment efforts and 24 systematic reviews and meta-analyses, representing the highest levels of medical evidence.

Emory Breast Cancer Research Publications

Over the last 5 years, Emory researchers have produced over 100 breast-cancer related publications each year focused on diverse areas of inquiry from detection and treatment to palliative care, genomics, molecular and cellular biology, and reconstructive surgery. Emory researchers have published with authors from over 60 collaborating countries, and been supported with funds from multiple NIH centers, as well as grants from the NSF and private foundations.

For assist finding articles, accessing full text, or identifying Emory authors and publications please email Ask-A-Librarian.