Are you curious about new forms of digital scholarship? Interested in learning how to get a project off the ground? Wondering what other university presses are doing?

If so, we invite you to join us for a new web series, co-produced by Brown University’s Digital Publications Initiative, Emory University’s Digital Publishing in the Humanities Initiative, and the AUPresses’ Digital Publishing and Library Relations Committees. The series showcases and explores enhanced and interactive digital books that have been published by or are forthcoming from members of AUPresses, often in collaboration with stakeholders at the authors’ home institutions. We’ll explore a variety of pressing questions, including:

What models for enhanced and interactive scholarly publications are emerging?

What is working well?

What are the common challenges?

How are the projects being funded?

How is labor being credited and compensated?

How can presses work with stakeholders who bring digital expertise or other resources to the table?

Each 75-minute episode highlights the workflows and collaborations behind the making of a digital book or interactive work by bringing together members of one project team—typically including the author, acquisitions editor, and key development, production, and marketing professionals—to share their stories and answer questions.