Episode 2: i used to love to dream

Recorded on August 26, 2021. This episode features the team behind i used to love to dream, a peer-reviewed rap album by A. D. Carson published by the University of Michigan Press on the Fulcrum platform as part of the Tracking Pop series.


  • Timothy Belch, Applications Programmer, Michigan Publishing
  • A. D. Carson, Assistant Professor in Hip Hop and the Global South, University of Virginia
  • Sara Jo Cohen, Senior Acquiring Editor, University of Michigan Press
  • Emma DiPasquale, Library Relations Manager, University of Michigan Library
  • Jillian Downey, Director of Publishing Production, University of Michigan Press
  • Loren Kajikawa, Program Head and Associate Professor of Music, Corcoran School of the Arts & Design, George Washington University
  • Greg Kostin, Applications Programmer, University of Michigan Library
  • Jon McGlone, Front End Developer and UI Designer, Michigan Publishing
  • Theresa Schmid, Marketing Manager, University of Michigan Press


  • Walter Biggins, Editor-in-Chief, University of Pennsylvania Press
  • Allison Levy, Digital Scholarship Editor, Brown University