Discourse on Experience

This will be a short blog compared to others, but it is a thought that has come across my mind. In the units that we have covered on education, the main keyword that comes up is experience. Experience has such a large discourse in our readings. In John Dewey, experience is something that depends on the quality in order to be educational; Freire believes experience takes its form as active participation in discussion; Rousseau says that experience is good, period, there is no room for experience under human constructs. With all these definitions of experience, I think the reason why there is so much debate about education is that we all confused as to what each other is talking about.

Experience is the keyword that has popped up in discussions based on education. I know that some will argue that there is not one way to teach everyone, therefore experience should be ambiguous, but I feel that there should be some sort of common-ground when it comes to the concept of experiences.

Any thoughts?

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