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FLASHTALK SESSIONS BY TOPIC                                02112022

Medical Anthropological Perspectives on the Covid19 Pandemic

Ron Barrett                       The Ancient Determinants of Future Pandemics.

Molly Zuckerman              What can past pandemics tell us about present-day pandemics?

Sarah Willen                      How I dreamt up Pandemic Journaling Project.

Emily Mendenhall            Unmasked: Doing COVID Ethnography at Home

Casey Bouskill                   Global Health Security: George was right

Anat Rosenthal                 Global Health Beyond COVID-19



Medical Anthropology and Mental Health

Brandon Khort                  From Nepal to New York: Global Mental Health in the United States

Elena Lesley                       Mental health therapy in Cambodia

Michelle Parsons             An anthropology of loneliness: weak ties, places, and practices

Kathy Trang                       Maternal mental health and early childhood development among Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Tenzin Namdul                  Cognitive and physical Resilience and Alzheimer’s Disease among Tibetan Buddhist Monks



Medical Anthropology and Global Public Health

Aun Lor                               Defining and building the evidence-based for global health equity

Jed Stevenson                   Repairing the tattered fabric of global health

Matt Dudgeon                  Achieving equity: immigrants and refugees in the electronic medical record

Kenny Maes                      Advancing research into community health worker practice and impacts of lay counsellors

Svea Closser                      How to Get Public Health Systems to Change, and Other Things I Learned from Peter Brown

Howard Chiou                   Applying Anthropology to Global Vaccine Demand



Medical Anthropology Theory, Methods, and Future

Kendra Hatfield-Timachay            Rapid Ethnographic Assessment as a Tool in Public Health

Daniel J. Smith                  How medical anthropology has been a big tent for me

Daniel Lende                     Reworking culture for applied/medical research and work

Alexa Dietrich                    Medical Anthropology and Disaster Research: Putting up the Big Tent in a Storm

Tassie Hirschfeld              New Wars and New Methods for Medical Anthropology: Some Recent Work on Armed Conflict and Health

Mark Padilla                      Visual Ethnography



Medical Anthropology, Ethnography, and Engagement

John Bing                           What the hell is wrong with American men?

Ben Junge                          Political ambivalence and attitudes about universal healthcare: Some observations from Brazil

Melissa Melby                   PUS (Public Understanding of Science) of the Microbiome

Vinay Kamat                      In a Wounded Land: An Ethnography of Conservation, Extraction, and Dispossession in Tanzania

Jennifer Sweeny Tookes               “That’s not a part of your finger that you need!” Health, Injuries, and Masculinity amongst Commercial Fishers in Georgia

Cam Rollins                        Research as Partnering

Jen Kuzara                          The Stakes in the Local


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