Amanda Maxfield

Amanda Maxfield (2019)


  • PhD, Anthropology – Emory University 2014-2019
  • MA, Anthropology – Emory University 2012-2014
  • BA, Anthropology – Kenyon College 2008-2012
  • Tropical Medicine & Ethnobiology – Duke University 2011-2011


  • Senior Analyst, Market Research – OGC Global Sept 2021-Present
  • Researcher – Emory University 2015-2019
  • Instructor – Research Methods (Quantitative & Qualitative Approaches) Jan 2018-May 2018
  • Teaching Associate – Emory University 2013-2014


  • Different forms of household wealth are associated with opposing risks for HIV infection in East Africa
  • Globalization and food prestige among Indian adolescents
  • Testing the theoretical similarities between food and water insecurity: Buffering hypothesis and effects on mental wellbeing

  • The relationship between altitude and BMI varies across low- and middle-income countries


Dr. Amanda Maxfield obtained their PhD in Anthropology in 2019 from Emory University with their culminating work entitled “Poverty amid plenty: Resource scarcity, aspirational consumption, relative deprivation, and mental health in Jaipur India”. This work focused on the effect of food not only on biological impacts, but additionally on its cultural impacts. This study was granted a Wenner-Grant Foundation Dissertation Fieldwork Grant. This worked shows a predictive nature of food insecurity on mental health outcomes for adolescents, mothers, and fathers. Currently, Dr. Maxfield works as a senior analyst in market research at OGC Global.

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