Part of the reason I am posting this is to know if anyone else knows anything about this? I am incredibly intrigued by this. I would like to see a study that outweighs the stress of parenting versus these biological benefits. And since the study was easier with males I would like to see more with females to see what the difference is, if any (they said it was more costly to study with female babies).

“There’s so much [epidemiological] observation out there,” Kamper-Jørgensen said. “Having kids protects you from breast cancer, but we don’t really know why. If you have kids, you live longer, but we don’t really know why. Women live longer than men, but we don’t know why. This phenomenon, this may be it.” I feel like this quote encompasses the mystique around the phenomenon, and therefore I believe there is much more to be studied. I am wondering if anyone else finds this interesting or even useful, or just a natural occurrence of no value?

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